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Are you part of our facebook page? @FunctionalMobilityandHealth

We post tons of information here. Also at FMHBlackfalds on IG. If you are wanting to directly connect or book, this is a great access point. We constantly share promotions, information about our treatments and last minute availability. 


We are running some classes! 

This will be a 4 session program at 35$ a class- Come for all, come for one. What ever fits your budget and needs is perfect. These are not fitness classes, these are home care and educational support tools. Topics will include understanding fascia, strain counter- strain, and movement for Motility (motility is important) and help clients' understand their own health and wellbeing. Is there a goody bag.... Uh YA! once we get them done up- we will posts some pictures. The tools you need for success will be given to you and is built in to the cost of the class. Updates to come!


We are hiring! Check out the "Join Our Team" tab at the top menu. 

Our current therapists schedules are filling up and we have taken on a lot of advertising and brand building. Join our team!

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Grand Opening!
We can't wait to announce this date!

Functional Mobility & Health is anxiously awaiting the time we can announce our Grand Opening! Once we have our team hired, orientated, and comfortable we will announce a week of specials and host our clients and friends. We are looking forward to letting you know when this is and what we are offering. We will tentatively be hosting this in April or May. 

We are hiring!
Multiple positions. Multiple modalities. Flexible hours.

We are looking to hire DUAL certified practitioners! Students are welcome to apply. Head to the "Join the Team" page here.

Sports or chronic pain management backgrounds will be priority. 

Currently, we are hiring 3 positions. Hours are flexible as we know everyone's schedules have different needs and priority. Weekend and evening shift are required, but can be modified once clientel can sustain day time shift. 

Designations of interest:

- Manual Osteopathy

- Accupuncture

- Fascial specialist

- Sport Therapists

- Massage 


We will be trianing as we grow together! Learning and becomging certified in the technology. Competative compensation and the clinic is committed to helping each practitioner grow their base clientele. 

Functional Mobility & Health believes the best way to support the clients is to enable and support each practitioner. When you succeed, every one succeeds. Team fit and dynamics will take precedent over hiring specific modalities. We work to be an engaged and highly committed and communacative team. We beliebe that enjoying where and who you work with should be as important and as the skills you bring to the team!

Contact Jennifer @ 403-304-8485 or at functionalhealthandmobility@gmail.com

Head to the page!
What we offer
Muli- disciplinary treatments to get you feeling better sooner- and FASTER!

The goal of the clinic is to help people (and athletes) feel better faster! We know that treatment is a commitment, not only in time but also in resources. 

This is why we have taken to utilizing more technology treatments. These include:

- Laser therapy

- K- Taping

- Shockwave

- Compression Therapy

- Thermal imaging


 Practitioner Treatments:

- Structural Assessment

- Manual Osteopathy

- Massage Therapy


Add ons:

- Cupping

- Laser

- Health Coaching

If you are an existing client we are able to offer mini treatments. These include a short assessment and 1-2 mini treatments for what is showing up for you in that moment (aka: we listen to you AND your body). As these treatments are not long- an intial appointment/ assessment is needed. If you are in the Eagle Builder's Multi-Plex often we highly encouage booking an initial appointment to have access to these mini treatments!

What is Manual Osteopathy?

Manual Osteo is new to Canada, but a primary modality many other places. Check out this video to have a better understanding of what to expect.

What is shockwave?

This treatment will break down adhesions in soft tissue. It can be uncomfortable, it is a bit loud. Insert the tried and true Buckley's slogan here.

Make it make sense

What are the tech treatments and how are they beneficial?

How can we help you?

Shorter treatments to get in and out
Get in and out faster! 15- 20 minute tech treatments or single adjustment Manual Osteo sessions. Are you between games,ort want to feel better tomorrow after a big athletic session? Check out our walk in times! Need maintenance? Stop in for a single treatment and make your time between services last longer! We know your time is valuable. Let us know what your priority is and we will find the best and the quickest way to get you there.
Target Problem Areas
Through assessments, technology, thermal imaging, and a few other tricks our practitioners will find the best area to treat for the fastest and most effective results. This is how the clinic creates shorter duration treatments as well. Targeting specific areas can be a quick treatment, or built into how you want to achieve the best results. Your practitioner will ask what your goals are, with good communication and a clear destination we want to get your there faster and with less barriers (like feeling sore for days).
The clients needs come first! 24 hour promise.
We have all been in the position where we are feeling something is off and try to catch it before it is a bigger problem. The clinic (Functional Mobility & Health) will have you in with in 24 hours, and if a follow up is needed we guarantee to have you back with in 72 hours. Working with injuries and people who need treatment is our job, making sure we treat responsibility is our mission.
At the arena? Pop in and see us!
Short duration appointments before, during, and after play times to keep you feeling great!

Whether an athlete is feeling the strain of ice time or your a parent who is waiting for practice to be over, come in and see us. If a full appointment time is needed use the "book online now" link at the top of the page, if you are in the multiplex check out the walk in times that are available- They are posted on the wall!

Thanks for stopping by! But ONE last thing....

We don't ONLY work on athletes

From the pictures and the messaging it might seem like we are an athletic only clinic, this is not the case. We know that being in a sports facility there will be a lot of sports injuries, strains, sprains, and tissue issues coming our way. Taking a moment to make sure that every one feels welcome and encouraged to come see us is important. Jennifer's history is with Chronic Pain. We can't wait to meet you!

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