What We Do
A multidisciplinary team of practitioners using technology and compassion to get you where you want to be - Faster.

When you walk into the clinic you will notice we don't have walls. The reason for this is to keep open communication and limit barriers between clients, practitioners and other services. The clinic works to hire only dual certified practitioners who are trained in the tech we offer. This is so that what ever you need the practitioner has a huge tool box to pull from. 

Our goal is to listen and find the best method of care for the treatment that is right for you. Each practitioner is able to problem solve and offer their own solutions. Meanwhile, we do offer a program for clients' to be a part of the TEAM treatment plan. This means that people who have not worked with you will look at your situation with fresh eyes and their own lense. What we do is find out what you need- Which might mean leaning on eachother and increasing communication. We are set up for that. 

Who We Are

Jennifer, the clinic owner/ operator, has been working in the industry for 15 years; a few things were clear. When people like where they work, everyone has a better experience and see more results. This is why the clinic focuses on our pracitioners so they can focus on clients. One modality is not greater then another, we strive to hire dual certified practitioners who value team cohesiveness as much as the clinic does. Why does us chatting about our treatments help you, the client? We are always learning, and people are complicated. What works for one person is not a fit for another. As long as we are engaged with eachother, we are engaged with you. 

Where We Are
Eagle Builder's Centre (Blackfalds Multi- Plex)

With a fabulous upgrade to the former Blackfalds' Multi-Plex, home to a state of the art library, and the Blackfalds Bulldogs Junior A hockey team! We couldn't be more thrilled to be in this spot. located 10 minutes north of Red Deer, and 10 minutes south of Lacombe on Hwy 2A. If you are needing directions click on the Contact section to see a map or get directions. 


With a library and ice rinks in the building we are able to help more people! Let your kids catch up in the libray while you get help with that sore knee. Waiting for a practice to be finished? Pop in and see us. We write our available drop in times on the wall, so you can easily see what is available. 

A message from Jen

Jennifer Quinlan

RMT- CMMOTA #3088 | MOT- CMMOTA #100377
Manual Osteopathic Therapy, Massage Therapy

Manual Osteopathic Therapy

Massage Therapy

Jennifer Quinlan

RMT- CMMOTA #3088 | MOT- CMMOTA #100377
Manual Osteopathic Therapy, Massage Therapy